Welcome to my personal blog. This is a bit of an introduction as to what my blog is going to be about. While I wouldn’t mind pushing in random thoughts, experiences and opinions into it, this blog is mainly going to be about computing, technology, application development, open-source and everything else that goes along.

Not to forget mentioning, you can expect my blog to evolve as I evolve.

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TweetBytes is now @Tweet

@tweetbytes is now @tweet, thanks to txtWeb’s recognition of the popularity of the app amongst txtWeb users. Now that it got a snappier keyword, what does it mean for the current users? Simply put, it just got better, and easier to access. Existing users of @tweetbytes needn’t do anything to access the application through the […]

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55444 Search for Chrome

Got a week's break, and at least one night had to be some night of hacking. I was going through ...

My First WordPress Plugin

With great delight, I have contributed my first official piece of code to the WordPress repository! http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/stack-overflow-activity-feed-widget/ I was always eager to ...

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