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Back To The 8-Bit Era

He who hasn’t had a taste of the classic 8-bit video gaming console in his childhood has missed out on some of the best things in his life. And if you are one of the few, there is a certain something that you must do. Just get back out there.

I’m not sure how exciting it would be for someone who hasn’t been through those days, but for me, those glorious days of gaming are something to look back and cherish. And it is so wondrous to go through it all over again. So nostalgic, that what flashes through me is those box of game cartridges that come in various colors and claim to hold one less than ten million games in each, that hyperfastidious adapter which had to be fixed at an angle so precise so as to keep the console running, the Reset button that had been misused a thousand times and the sheer brilliance of a hundred games encapsulated within each of those three-inch long chips. And not to forget those innumberable fights for the joystick, and the first taste of multiplayer gaming.

Thanks to Nintendo, though I can bet that the one which I had and the ones which we found in India was everything except Nintendo.

There is this emulator that I got from a friend of mine recently, and it’s been giving me immense joy. If you can relate to what I’ve said so far and if you don’t already have the emulator, you are going to be taking it off right away. And if you do not know what I’m talking about, I’m going to force it on you. I wish.

I have the entire thing loaded along with the emulator here. Just download, and run the VirtualNES exe. Open the games from the rom folder, and you’re good to go!

Some shots from some of those bloody awesome games. I don’t think I would have to name any of these.

I miss the gun.

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