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Code Ninja

Apparently Amazon hires only ‘Code Ninjas‘. And so, I am one! ;-)

Here, you integer, take this! Hoo! Hah! :D


Launching TweetBytes

Proudly announcing my very own Twitter client, TweetBytes! Bursts of short spans of coding over four nights. Built using PHP, TweetBytes uses OAuth to connect users to Twitter, whereby the user need not reveal his password to the application.

Update: TweetBytes is now @tweet on txtWeb

TweetBytes facilitates Twitter access through text messages, and is a complete SMS based Twitter client. But I’ve put in enough effort to make sure it isn’t largely inferior to the web and smartphone clients. And well, it surely beats their ass up in the sense that it requires no Internet! Just carry it along in your phone, and access it from anywhere through text messages, thanks to txtWeb.

The front end development and the code for OAuth authentication took as much time as developing the back end features of the client. Check it out here.


Well, that was my first tweet from TweetBytes, and tweeting here gets as simple as sending @tweet This is my tweet to txtWeb. Update: A few more tweets here from some of my friends using it!




Update: TweetBytes has expanded to newer horizons after being published on the platform on 20th September 2012. Access it here.

I might have missed a couple of them, but I’m trying to archive tweets from others regarding the application. Thanks everyone!!


Surprising Milestone

To know that there are football fans out there in a cricket obsessed country like India is very heartening. My @Euro app for Euro 2012 published on txtWeb got 28000+ hits over a period of about 25 days.

Now put it front of any application that delivers cricket scores, and it would get absolutely dwarfed. But never the less, this was quite surprising.

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