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Exploits of a Mom

Found this on xkcd. :D. Definitely worth sharing.

Exploits of a Mom


Google and Special Characters

It must not be one programmer’s frustration that Google does not consider special characters in its search field to return results. Now if I can’t search for resources on what is the difference between @ and \@ in Perl when assigning arrays, where else am I to head to?

“What is the difference between an ocean and a sea?” That is absolutely what I wanted.

Google Search Result

Edit: Thanks to Carl’s comment. You can check out the results for the same from SymbolHound here.



I write now, at the milestone of my first code being pushed into the Amazon production servers, reflecting across a million Kindle devices. Just a few lines of code. But such an amazing feeling.

Working for a company that I believe has one of the best build systems ever, you wouldn’t imagine the pace at which development happens, and how soon you actually impact customers, and the company.

I really look forward to do the great work that people around me do.

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