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55444 Search for Chrome

Got a week’s break, and at least one night had to be some night of hacking. I was going through the 55444 Developers group on Facebook and saw that a Chrome extension emulator could help some developers in testing of applications. So I gave myself the job of developing my first Chrome extension plugin.

These extensions, of course, cannot run any sort of server side scripts, and need to be built entirely upon JavaScript. With this plugin using a third-party server application, cross-domain AJAX requests had to be made. Testing on the browser first never seemed to be working, and I found out from the console logs that Chrome blocks all cross-domain AJAX requests for security reasons. Took me a while to realize that I unless I package it into a plugin with appropriate domain permissions, testing would never work.

After that and creating icons, and arranging some CSS, it looked good to be published. So I logged into the Chrome Store Developer Dashboard and went through the whole process and at the end of it realized that there was $5 registration fee for publishing the app! Ah, why. I just left it at that. Not like I plan to develop any more Chrome extensions.

This, however, won’t go of waste. You can install the search plugin by downloading the packaged .crx file from this link here. Then go to chrome://extensions on your browser, and drag and drop the downloaded crx file into the Chrome browser.

I’ve open-sourced it on GitHub with a GPLv2 License. I’m no expert with these Open Source licenses, but I care about sharing improvements. :D

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