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The Inception

Turns out that I can be the subject of a stereotypical Rajnikanth joke. “Rajnikanth’s email address is”. Well yes, now my email address is You might think of me to be a person too self-obsessed, about me owning a domain with my own name. But then this is a personal website, and an address like is far more sensible and better sounding than something like or And moreover I couldn’t have purchased such a domain ’cause there already must be a dude with that address.

Well, but why did I even want a website in the first place?

Now I needn’t be reasoning, but then I can’t think of anything else to be writing as my first post in this blog. So here goes. Because I needed one. I needed a reliable hosting space, and I landed up with this domain. Of late, I have been into developing a few simple text based mobile applications which use the response of my PHP applications hosted on a server. And also I have been into developing websites, testing them on random sub-domains around the web. At first I did resort to free hosting sites as anyone would. But I’ve had my bad time with them. Uptime is horrible. And the FTP bandwidth is terrible. The kind of restrictions that they can impose on free users is limitless. And unpredictable. Who bothered to read through their Terms and Conditions? But then it’s a free hosting account, and I shouldn’t have expected more. The response that I used to get from my hosted applications on access was so erratic. And they wouldn’t work over considerable times in a day. And then one day, on login, I got this message. “Your account has been suspended for violating 20%+ CPU usage limit for more than 1000 times”.

Boom. Everything on it was lost. And the applications which it used to feed stopped working. “Upgrade to Premium Hosting”. That’s what they said. I should have understood when I saw the Free vs. Premium Hosting comparison table on the homepage. A ✓ would disgracefully find its seat in between a majority of ✕. And look at the other side. A row of majestically aligned ✓.

Well it was time to think about switching to a paid hosting service. And thanks to my dad, he agreed. But then I chose a new webhost. Reliable, hopefully. And now I’m here. And the domain name? I can’t be hosting things on an empty cloud. And if I do, nothing can ever point to them. It needs an address.

Welcome to This is it. I do not have a definite idea in mind as to what I’m going to be using this website for. But it’s a good time to start blogging, and to play around. I cannot promise to be regular blogger, but then I think there is a bit of enthusiasm in me that’ll show up for the first few months.

I’m calling it “Bits and Bytes”.

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