Inactivity and Activity

I must be the least frequent visitor of my own blog. Absolute inactivity for months. Or maybe not quite. I’ve actually been putting my site to some good productive use otherwise, and it’s already brought me some things, and enabled me to do a lot of things.

On the blog front, I probably get an average of half a visitor every month, or maybe a quarter, but when I visit my cPanel AWStats, I can see that I get an average of 2000 to 3000 hits per day, and occasionally much greater. 1600 unique visitors each month. I don’t know how much sense numbers make, but now that’s something to make me happy. And well, thanks to my hosted applications of various sorts feeding roughly 25+ applications on the Windows Phone platform and txtWeb platform put together.

I don’t know how January weirdly has much greater bandwidth usage, probably was around the time when I was uploading a lot of things and setting up the site.


And I attribute my inactivity on the blog to me being active on the other end, working with Internet Society,, Slum Soccer, BigFourZa and a few others besides managing the Computer Science Forum in my college, working on two projects as a part of the academic curriculum, and doing my usual experiments.

Overload. Zero time.

I’m not sure if I’m handling them right, but I can say that I’m able to manage. Applications. Websites. Ideas. Classes. I’ve earned through a few, and I’m just doing the rest as a service which I ought to be doing. But everything is a learning process, which is what encourages me to keep going.


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